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Frequently Asked Questions


Chocolate & Mixed Nuts

Q.-What are Ghost Bags made from? 

A.- Ghost Bags are made from PBAT+PLA+(NON-GMO) Cornstarch🌽


Q.- Are Ghost Bags Plastic?

A.- NO, Ghost Bags are made from Plants🌾 NOT PLASTIC. They do not contain plastic anywhere including packaging. ♻️


Q.- What types of Ghost Bags are available? Do you have small or dog Poop Bags?

A.- We currently only offer a 13 gallon approximately 24x26in Drawstring Bag, however other designs are on the way! 🐶

Q.- How long does the bag take to decompose?

A.- Ghost Bags will decompose in less than 180 days in a typical compost environment. Since Ghost Bags are made from plants, they turn into useful nutrients for the ground or compost pile as they fade back into the earth over the process!🥀

Q.- Are Ghost Bags Home Compostable or Commercially Compostable

A.- They are BOTH! (always check & abide by your local rules & regulations) ⚖️

Q.- Will these break down in a landfill too if we don’t use them for compost?

A.- Yes! However, keep in mind loaves of bread🍞 have been known to sit in landfills for over ten years! Decomposition takes good conditions to be truly effective. That being said , as Ghost bags are plant matter , they will break down over time as to be compared with other organic matter breaking down in the same environment. Ghost bags , just like any compostable material does best in a home or commercial composting facility or pile.🍂


Q.- Where & for what can we use Ghost Bags?

A.- Ghost Bags can be used for Composting, Food scraps, Trash , Garbage, Waste, Grass clippings, Yard debris, etc.  They can be used anywhere! Home, kitchen, garage, office, camp, backyard, beach, boat & more!👻

Q.- What Makes Ghost Bags Different than the competition? 

A.- Ghost Bags are designed to be thicker (1.2MIL or just over 30+microns) Combined with a featured fully integrated Carry & Close Drawstring! Ghost Bags also does not use any unnecessary added dye or harmful coloring to our bags, as they are Naturally Raw Clear & Clean🥇

Q.- Is Ghost Bags A Big Corporation?

A.- NO , Ghost Bags is a family Run Business in the USA based out of Long Island, New York & Wilmington, North Carolina 🇺🇸

Q.- Can I sell Ghost Bags in my Stores/E-stores?

A.- YES! Email

att "WHOLESALE" for more info!🚜

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